Interview de  Liautard & The Queen

Define your agency in a few words:

After our meeting at Studio KO and various professional experiences, we founded LIAUTARD AND THE QUEEN in September 2020.

To our credit, various projects, such as the Parisian restaurants BB, Perruche, La Scène, the Môme Monte-Carlo, the Maison Palmier hotel, numerous private residences, as well as two hotels in progress in Paris and Bastia, a jewelry store in Paris and a villa in the parks of Saint Tropez for the end of 2023.

Your style in three words?

Original and marked in a vintage spirit.

What project has marked you the most since the creation of your agency and why?

A 500m2 apartment on which clients have given us carte blanche and vast freedom of expression.

Why did you go through the same factory as Ecart International for your projects?

The exchanges were fluid, the quality of execution at the meeting on the two projects and the deadlines perfectly respected.

Tell us about the collaboration with us for the hotel la Môme in Monaco and for an individual in Paris?

The know-how and the many references as well as the manufacture in France.

Your favorite designer among our designers?

Jean-Michel Frank and Adolphe Chanaux.

To finish your favorite piece at Ecart International?

The Bergere Rattan 1930 by Jean-Michel Frank.

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Canapé Dossier Droit - Jean Michel Frank
Fauteuil Dossier Droit - Jean Michel Frank