Discovering Textile Elegance at Paris Deco Off

Every year, Paris is transformed into a dazzling showcase of textile creativity at the must-attend event: Paris Deco Off.

Paris Deco Off brings together the biggest names in the world of textiles, from emerging designers to the most prestigious design houses. The event offers total immersion in the world of decorative textiles, with spectacular exhibitions, art installations and exclusive presentations of new collections.

Along the streets of Paris, showrooms are transformed into ephemeral galleries where fabrics become works of art. Designers unveil their latest creations, combining tradition and innovation to create unique pieces that capture the imagination.

It's also the perfect opportunity to celebrate France's artisan heritage, where each fabric tells a story of savoir-faire and passion. The event embodies timeless elegance and offers attendees the rare opportunity to see up close the perfect marriage of contemporary creativity and classic refinement.

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