Retour Paris Déco Off 2024 Ecart International

Paris Déco Off 2024 was the scene of an exceptional event, marked by the proud and dazzling presence of Ecart International. Our company took the design scene by storm with a collection of oversized armchairs, stealing the show on such iconic squares as Furstenberg, Saint-Germain-des-Prés (in the 6th arrondissement) and Petits Pères (in the 2nd arrondissement).

Among the oversized pieces on display, visitors could admire Jean-Michel Frank & Adolphe Chanaux's Dossier Droit armchair clad in Libertino in/outdoor blue velvet from Dedar, while Andrée Putman's Lotus armchairs were dressed in a range of fabrics chosen by the Paris Déco Off organization.

Echoes of our presence can still be heard on the prestigious stands of Elliott Barnes, Laurent Maugoust and Cecile Chesnais, leaving their mark on the Place Saint Sulpice. Our presence among these eminent names in design was a testament to Ecart International's excellence, consolidating our place as a major player in the world of contemporary design.

The 2024 edition will remain engraved in our history, for it was here that we unveiled the BLOC 1927 lamp for the first time in our Paris gallery. Designed by the legendary Jean-Michel Frank, this iconic creation in straw and oak marquetry drew the admiration and amazement of visitors. Its introduction added a new touch to our repertoire, fusing artistic heritage with timeless elegance.

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