1928 Cross Lamp

Brass, oak or walnut base, fabric lampshade. Brass finishes available: black or gold. Oak finishes: natural, brown, grey, bog oak, wenge or black.

DIMENSIONS d.34 x h.49 cm

golden brass




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Frank and Chanaux maintain the classical expression of volumes and seek balance. They turn elegant sobriety into an art: they surprise. "You can furnish a room very luxuriously by stripping it bare". The shapes are naturally simple and the materials luxuriously natural: sanded oak, gouged oak, parchment, shagreen, straw marquetry... The imagination and variety of their creations seem infinite.


40 years later, Ecart International is still working in the footsteps of its creator, in particular by using noble materials, promoting French know-how.

Through this collection, Ecart International remains committed to bringing to life a tradition of eclecticism and timeless quality.

An art of simple and functional elegance straight out of the avant-garde spirit of the designer.